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Orange, Kiwi Cross Sections

Registration for our first-ever LimmudLA Fest is now open! We look forward to having you join us, August 16-18, for an all-inclusive weekend of learning, teaching, celebration, and community, all in the beautiful, natural setting of Brandeis-Bardin.

What's In Store

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Shared Cabin (Bunk of 8) $300
Shared Family Cabin - Adult $300
Shared Family Cabin - Child (4-16 Years) $150
Shared Family Cabin – Child (0-3 years) $50
Camping Adult $250
Camping Child (4-16 Years) $150
Camping Child (0-3 Years) $50

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Shared Cabins


Please have a Visa or MasterCard ready, as payment is required to complete your registration.

This LimmudLA experience is supported by a generous grant from the Ziering Family Foundation, A Support Foundation of the Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles