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connects Southern California Jews of all backgrounds through cross-communal learning and meaningful volunteer experiences.

Los Angeles is one of more than 60 locations worldwide in which Limmud volunteers are creating Limmud communities of learning.

Our community organizes and participates in numerous events throughout the year, where each event embodies our commitment to three key values:

LimmudLA is committed to:

Learning with a diversity of perspective. We believe in learning about Judaism and the impact we can each make in the Jewish community. We aim to create an environment where each one of us is a student, and each one of us is a teacher.

Inspiring all Jews to build their own and our shared Jewish community. We believe it is the responsibility of every Jew to play an active role in building a Jewish community. We aim to create experiences through which we strengthen and develop our individual and collective Jewish identities within the Jewish community.

Building an organizational structure grounded in volunteer leadership. We believe we can achieve more together than we can individually. We aim to foster a strong volunteer corps who, through planning and attending our annual event, experiences the power of volunteerism in building Jewish identity and community.