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Presenter FAQs

Please note: If you would like to present a lecture, give a workshop or show a film at LimmudLA, you must first register for the full conference, Friday to Sunday. During the registration process you will be asked to submit presentation proposals. (Or you can return to your registration page to add them by 12/15.) All proposals will be evaluated by the program team and you will be notified if yours has been selected by the beginning of January. LimmudLA does not cover the expenses of presenters or pay honorariums; everyone must register to participate. We look forward to receiving your submissions. Please be as creative as you like!

Q: How does the conference work?
A: Throughout Conference, from early in the day until late at night, 8-10 sessions at a time are offered, each lasting 70 minutes. We encourage presenters to engage the participants through an interactive approach and to include time for Q&A. Participants, of which you are one when you are not actively presenting, are given a program book at the beginning of the weekend and are encouraged to attend whatever sessions they like. Browse the programs from past conferences to see LimmudLA conferences in action.

Q: What topics can I cover?
A: The choices are yours. We ask only that all of the topics relate to Judaism in some way. We encourage presenters to think outside the box, and to talk about not only their areas of specialty but also their areas of passion, including topics that may be offbeat or controversial. We organize the sessions into the following tracks: Arts and Performance, Educators, The Future of Jewish LA, Global History and Culture, Identity and Responsibility, Israel, Ritual and Prayer, and Text and Thought.

Q: How many sessions can I lead?
A: Most of our local presenters lead one session only, although we encourage you to submit more than one topic in case we have several people who wish to speak on the same subject. Presenters from out of town (and some locals) may lead three to five sessions. We try very hard to maintain diversity and balance in our topics, presenters and the timing of our sessions.

Q: Do I need to clear my topics with you?
A: You need to provide a topic title and brief description as part of the registration process. Also, we need to know whether you will require any special audiovisual equipment or room arrangements. We ask that you consider the diversity of the audience, which includes Jews across the religious, political, ethnic and educational spectrum. LimmudLA also draws across generations, so let us know if your session is particularly appropriate for teens, families or young adults.

Q: Can I choose when I give the talks?
A: Sorry, no. We try very hard to maintain diversity and balance in our topics, presenters and the timing of our sessions, so we cannot guarantee a time slot to anyone in advance. Once the schedule is finalized before the conference, we will let you know which of your topics have been chosen and when you will present your session. Note: If you require the use of A/V equipment for your session, you will not be scheduled to present on Shabbat. We therefore encourage you not to use A/V equipment for your session unless absolutely necessary.

Q: Does LimmudLA own my presentation or otherwise profit from my appearance?
A: No. LimmudLA is a nonprofit organization. We do not record the material for sale or promotion. LimmudLA may ask you for permission to include your presentation on its website or as a podcast for educational purposes. LimmudLA may use your name to attract participants to the conference.

Q: Will I receive an honorarium for presenting at the LimmudLA Conference?
A: No. LimmudLA, like other Limmud conferences worldwide, is volunteer-run and volunteer-driven. Our presenters are volunteers as well and are not paid for their time.

Q: Is there an opportunity for me to promote my upcoming engagements or books that I have written?
A: Yes, we will include a bio of you in our program guide and throughout the year on our website that can include information about your website, book information or other material you provide. We reserve the right to edit this for style and space reasons.

Q: Can I sell my book or promote my film or other products?
A: Yes. We have arranged for an independent bookseller to sell presenters' books/CDs/DVDs as well as additional materials on related Jewish topics.

Q: Whom do I contact if I have additional questions?
A: If you have questions about presenting, contact our Programming Team.


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LimmudLA's 2012 Conference has been generously funded by the Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles.