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Our Most Affordable LimmudLA Conference

Adult - shared room $425
Adult - single room $650
Child 0-1 (in parent's room) Free
Child 2-4 (in parent's room) $50
Child 5-14 (in parent's room)


Second Child*


Teen 15-18 (in parent's room) $350
Adults - 4 to a room** $350
Teens - 4 to a room $325
Sunday Pass (Adults / Teens) $95

Sunday Pass (Children 4-11)


OC Commuter (Full Conference)

Additional Room*** $300

*Second Child Free: Families who bring 2 or more children and stay in the same room, the second child is free! Just enter the code "2ndchild" when completing the second child's registration in your group. Discount code applies only to the lowest priced child registration, not including ages 0-1.

**Adults - 4 to a room: Please read BEFORE registering. If you would like to stay in one room with 4 adults or teens, it is your responsibility to put your own group together. Once you have your group of 4 adults or teens who would like to share a room, please call the LimmudLA office with each person's name, email address, and credit card information BEFORE any individuals in your group register. Please note that the hotel will not allow a cot in a room that has 2 queen beds and will only put 1 cot in a room with 1 king bed.

**Additional Room: The hotel will not allow a cot and/or a crib in a room that has 2 queen beds. They will only put a cot or a crib in a room with 1 king bed. If you need a second room, select Additional Room on the "Support and Second Room" page in the registration form. Note: There is a very limited number of connecting rooms available. We will do our best to allocate them appropriately but cannot guarantee connecting rooms.

Questions? Read through our Conference FAQs or contact us at



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LimmudLA's 2012 Conference has been generously funded by the Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles.